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May 3, 2012 / Mark Potts

Week 14 Recap, Week 15 Preview

Congrats! You did it! You pitched your business ideas to a group of business pros and got back some interesting feedback and questions. If you choose to continue to pursue your ideas, this will give you something to build on to improve your pitch. And in any case, you all did a great job of standing up in front of a tough audience and making the case for your business. We’ll send individual critiques of your pitches and performances separately over the next couple of days, but you all did well.

We’ll wrap up the class next week with a bit of a grab-bag about online community-building, online media ethics, lessons on why rejection and failure are important to entrepreneurial success, and  thoughts about the state of the media business. There are a lot of readings; please do them, because we’ll be discussing them in class. Note that the first one, marked in red, requires online comment from you in Blackboard:

–      Creating Ethical Bridges from Journalism to Digital News, by Jan Leach, Nieman Reports (2009)

–      Old Dogs, New Tricks and Crappy Newspaper Executives, speech by John Paton (2012)

–      Journalism Inside, by Jeff Jarvis, BuzzMachine (2012)

–      The State of Online Correctionsby Craig Silverman, Columbia Journalism Review (2010)

–      When Members Go Rogue and Other Community Frustrations, by Angela Connor, Online Community Strategist (2010)

–      Doing Journalism in 2010 is an Act of Community Organizing, by Robert Niles, Online Journalism Review

–      Wear Your Startup Failure as a Badge of Courage, by Martin Zwilling, (2010)

(If you’d like to take a deeper dive into the subject of online ethics, community management and other issues, there are optional readings here.)

Please note also that if you have any comments on assigned readings or other assignments still outstanding, we must get them by midnight Friday (May 4). Otherwise, you’ll get zeros for those readings or assignments (you’ll pay a one-grade penalty for being late, in any case). Some of you have not turned in a key assignment or two, and that’s going to really affect your final grade. Get them to us Friday night and you can recover some of those lost points.

Thanks, and we’ll see you next Wednesday for our final class.

Mark and Leslie

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